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Sphyraena guachancho



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Family : Barracudas ; Occurs in shallow and generally turbid coastal water over muddy bottoms , often around river estuaries. Schooling species[1]. Feeds on mainly on fishes belonging to the Engraulidae, Clupeidae, Lutjanidae and Synodidae families and also on shrimps from the Lolijinidae family[2]. Marketed fresh and salted.

Common Names

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Common Names in Arabic, Hassaniya:


Common Names in Chinese:


Common Names in Creole, Portuguese:

Bicuda, Bicuda-Negra, Merato, Pescadinha

Common Names in Danish:

Guachancho barracuda, Guachancho-Barracuda

Common Names in English:

Barracuda, Guachanche, Guachanche Barracuda, Guaguanche, Northern Sennet, Secoye, Sennet, Shoal Barracuta, Small Barracuta, Snit, Sockeye

Common Names in Ewe:

Lidze, Lidzi, Lizi

Common Names in Fongbe:

Lizi, Ogu

Common Names in French:

Bécune guachanche, Brochet, Brochet De Mer, Petit Barracuda

Common Names in Ga:

Namorbor, Odoe

Common Names in German:


Common Names in Irish:

Namorbor, Odoe

Common Names in Japanese:

Tenaga kamasu, Tenaga-Kamasu

Common Names in Mandarin Chinese:

黃條魣, 黄条魣

Common Names in Mandinka:


Common Names in Other:


Common Names in Polish:

Barrakuda Zlotawa, Barrakuda złotawa

Common Names in Portuguese:

Barracuda, Barracuda africana, Barracuda-Africana, Bicuda, Bicuda Africana, Bicuda branca, Bicuda goirana, Bicuda-Africana, Bicuda-Branca, Bicuda-Goirana, Bicudinha, Corama, Coroma, Goirana, Gorana, Pescada bicuda, Pescada goirana, Pescada-Bicuda, Pescada-Goirana, Pescadinha bicuda, Pescadinha-Bicuda

Common Names in Russian:

Гуачанчо, сфирена г, сфирена-гуачанчо

Common Names in Spanish:

Barracuda, Guachanche Pel, Guachancho, Guaguanche, Guaguancho, Juancho, Pic, Picu Parda, Picua Parda, Picuda Guaguanche, Picuda Guaranche, Picuda Parda, Tolete

Common Names in Spanish, Castilian:

Barracuda, Guachanche Pelón, Guachancho, Guaguanche, Guaguancho, Juancho, Picu Parda, Picúa, Picúa china, Picúa Juancho, Picua Parda, Picúa zorra, Picuda guaguanche, Picuda Guaranche, Picuda Parda, Tolete

Common Names in Susu:


Common Names in Unknown:

Akouatcha, Ekoui, Kuta, Lizi, Okotcha

Common Names in Vili:

Mou, Ntombo

Common Names in Wayuu:


Common Names in Wolof:

Fatat, Khede, Seudole


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Biome: Marine .


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Sphyraena dubia Bleeker • Sphyraena guachanche Cuvier • Sphyraena guaguancho Cuvier • Sphyraena guentheri Haly


Name Status: Accepted Name .

Comment: In Cuvier & Valenciennes[3].

Last scrutiny: Data last modified by FishBase 15-Feb-1998

Similar Species

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Data Sources

Accessed through GBIF Data Portal March 04, 2008:



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