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Selaroides leptolepis

(Yellow Striped Crevalle)


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Family : Jacks and pompanos ; Occurs in inshore waters of the continental shelf[1]. Forms large demersal schools over soft bottom habitats at depths shallower than 50 m. Sometimes ascends into freshwater reaches ; encountered in the freshwater tidal zone in the Mekong delta [2]. Ostracods , gastropods and euphausiids are common prey but small fish are also taken.

Common Names

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Common Names in Agutaynen:


Common Names in Arabic:

Garfah, Haima, Seeneh, Sima, Yeneeser

Common Names in Bikol:

Atuloy, Salay-salay, Tabaroyan

Common Names in Cebuano:

Karabalyas, Kutob, Lambiao, Lison, Salay-salay, Tamarong

Common Names in Chavacano:


Common Names in Chinese:


Common Names in Danish:

Guldstribet selar

Common Names in Davawenyo:

Matang baka, Salay-salay

Common Names in English:

Gold banded scad, Scad, Slender scaled scad, Slender Trevally, Smooth tail trevally, Smooth tailed trevally, Smooth-tail trevally, Smooth-tailed trevally, Thin scaled trevally, Thin-Scaled Trevally, thinscaled trevally, Yellow banded trevally, Yellow stripe trevally, Yellow Striped Crevalle, Yellow striped trevally, Yellow-striped trevally, Yellowstripe scad, Yellowstriped Crevalle

Common Names in Farsi:


Common Names in French:

Sélar à bande dorée

Common Names in Gela:


Common Names in Hiligaynon:


Common Names in Ilokano:

Cory, Salay batang, Salay ginto

Common Names in Italian:

Suro Banda Gialla

Common Names in Japanese:

Hosohira aji, Hosohira-aji

Common Names in Khmer:

Trey chhnot loeung

Common Names in Kuyunon:

Salay-salay ginto, Salay-salay laodnon

Common Names in Malay:

Pelata kuning, Pelata sanui, Selar kuning

Common Names in Malayalam:

Bangada, ഐലപാര, ബങട

Common Names in Mandarin Chinese:

木叶鲹, 木葉鰺, 目孔, 細鰺, 细鲹, 金带细鲹, 金带鲹(金带细鲹), 金帶細鰺, 金帶鰺(金帶細鰺)

Common Names in Maranao/Samal/Tao Su:

Matangbaka, Salay-Salay, Tulay

Common Names in Maranao/Samal/Tao Sug:

Matangbaka, Salay-salay, Tulay

Common Names in Misima-Paneati:

Atuni mayala

Common Names in Pangasinan:

Balanghay ekol, Salay ginto

Common Names in Persian:


Common Names in Persian (Farsi):

Gish e zard khat

Common Names in Portuguese:

Charro de riscas amarelas, Charro-de-riscas-amarelas

Common Names in Spanish:

Chicharro banda dorada, Chicharro de rayas amarillas

Common Names in Spanish, Castilian:

Chicharro banda dorada, Chicharro de rayas amarillas

Common Names in Tagalog:

Dalino-an, Ginto ginto, Ginto-ginto, Kalapato, Lambiao, Malino, Salay salay, Salay salay batang, Salay salay ginto, Salay salay habagat, Salay-salay, Salay-salay batang, Salay-salay ginto, Salay-salay habagat

Common Names in Tamil:

Chooparai, சூபாறை 

Common Names in Vietnamese:

Cá Ch? vàng, Cá Chỉ vàng

Common Names in Visayan:

Dalino-an, Lambiao, Malino

Common Names in Waray-waray:

Lambiao, Lambiyaw


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Typically found at an altitude of 0 to 618 meters (0 to 2,028 feet).[3]


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Caranx leptolepis (Cuvier and Valenciennes) • Caranx leptolepis Cuvier • Caranx procaranx De Vis • Selariodes leptolepis (Cuvier • Selaroides leptolepisSelaroides leptolepis (Cuvier in Cuvier and Valenciennes, 1833)


Name Status: Accepted Name .

Comment: ex Kuhl & van Hasselt in Cuvier & Valenciennes.

Last scrutiny: Data last modified by FishBase 11-Aug-1994

Similar Species

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Members of the genus Selaroides

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S. leptolepis (Yellow-Striped Trevally)

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Data Sources

Accessed through GBIF Data Portal March 05, 2008:



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  2. Rainboth, W.J. (1996). Fishes of the Cambodian Mekong. FAO Species Identification Field Guide for Fishery Purposes. FAO, Rome, 265 p. [back]
  3. Mean = -4.190 meters (-13.747 feet), Standard Deviation = 88.380 based on 1,111 observations. Altitude information for each observation from British Oceanographic Data Centre. [back]
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