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Sardinella longiceps

(Indian Oil Sardine)


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Family : Herrings , shads , sardines , menhadens ; Forms schools in coastal waters and strongly migratory. Feeds mainly on phytoplankton (especially diatoms ) and small crustaceans[1]. Breeds once a year off western coasts of India when temperatures and salinity are low during the southwest monsoon months. Spawning peaks in August-September. Occurs at temperatures of 22.0-28.0 ¦C[2]. Marketed fresh, dried and dried-salted. Also sold smoked and canned[3]. Also made into fish meal and fish balls.

Common Names

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Common Names in Arabic:

Abed, Uma, Uomah

Common Names in Baluchi:


Common Names in Bikol:

Tamban, Tamban Tuloy, Turay

Common Names in Cebuano:

Tabagak, Tamban, Tamban Tuloy, Tuloy

Common Names in Chavacano:


Common Names in Chinese:


Common Names in Cotabato Chavacano:


Common Names in Czech:

Sardinka Indick, Sardinka Indická, Sardinka Velkohlav, Sardinka Velkohlavá

Common Names in Danish:

Storhovedet Sardinel

Common Names in Davawenyo:

Tamban, Tamban Tuloy

Common Names in Dutch:

Indische Sardine

Common Names in English:

Indian Oil Sardine, Indian Ocean Twospot Cardinalfish, Indian Oil sardinella, Indian Oil-sardine, Indian Oil-sardinella, Malabar Sardine, Malay sprat, Oil Sardine, Sardine

Common Names in French:

Sardinelle Indienne, Sardinelle Des Indes

Common Names in German:

Gro, Großkopfsardine, Sardinelle

Common Names in Gujarati:

Tarali, તરલી 

Common Names in Hiligaynon:

Tabagak, Tuloy

Common Names in Ilokano:

Law-Law, Tamban

Common Names in Italian:


Common Names in Javanese:


Common Names in Kannada:

Baige, Boothai, Buthai, Tarli multhi, Tarli-Multhi, ತಾರಲಿ ಮುಲಥಿ, ತಾರಲಿ ಮುಲಥಿ , ಬುತಾಯ್ , ಬೇಗಿ  

Common Names in Kuyunon:

Tamban, Turay

Common Names in Makassarese:

Temban Monco

Common Names in Malay:

Lemuru, Tembang Moncong

Common Names in Malayalam:

Mathi, Nalla Mathi, Nalla-Mathi, Nallamathi, ചാരള , നല്ല മത്തി, നല്ലമത്തി , പെയ് പാള , മത്തി, മത്തി 

Common Names in Mandarin Chinese:

長頭小沙丁魚, 长头小沙丁鱼

Common Names in Maranao/Samal/Tao Su:

Kasig, Lao-Lao, Tamban

Common Names in Marathi:

Haid, Haird, Kanat, Tarali, Tarli, कानात, तरळी, तराळी, हऐद, हऐरद

Common Names in Marathi (Marāṭhī):

Haid, Haird, Kanat, Tarali, Tarli

Common Names in Pangasinan:


Common Names in Persian:


Common Names in Persian (Farsi):

Sardin e roghani

Common Names in Polish:

Sardynela Oleista

Common Names in Portuguese:

Sardinela Da , Sardinela Da Índia, Sardinela da Índica, Sardinela-Da-, Sardinela-Da-Índica

Common Names in Russian:

сардинел , сардинелла жирная

Common Names in Sindhi:


Common Names in Sinhalese:

Pesalaya, Yaksalaya

Common Names in Spanish:

Sardinela Aceitera, Sardinela de la India

Common Names in Spanish, Castilian:

Sardinela aceitera, Sardinela de la India

Common Names in Swedish:

Indisk Sardinell

Common Names in Tagalog:

Tabagak, Tamban, Tamban Lison, Tamban Siya, Tamban Tuloy, Tuloy, Tunsoy

Common Names in Tamil:

Charlay, Nonalai, Paichalai, Paycharlay, Pesalai, சராளை, சார்ளே, நொனலை, நொனாளை , பேய் சாளை, பேய்சராளை , பேய்சாளை , பேய்ச் சாலை

Common Names in Telugu:

Noona kavallu, Noona-Kavallu, నూన కావల్లు , నూన కావల్లు  

Common Names in Turkish:

Yagli sardalya, Yagli-Sardalya

Common Names in Vietnamese:

Cá Mòi Xơ

Common Names in Visayan:

Tamban Lison, Tamban Tuloy, Tuloy

Common Names in Waray-waray:

Hawol-Hawol, Lison, Tamban, Tamban-Lison


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Typically found in water with a depth of 0 to -3,242 meters (0 to -10,636 feet).[4]

Biome: Marine .

Ecology: The sardine, Sardinella longiceps, is a highly migratory, schooling species.   This pelagic species is found in the photic zone at depths of 20–200 m , along the continental shelf.  This species feeds on phytoplankton and small crustaceans.  It breeds once a year off the western coast of India, when temperatures and salinity are low during the southwest monsoon months.  Spawning peaks in August to September.  This species' population size is highly erratic and fluctuates annually (Sarman and Udupa 2001). [5].

List of Habitats :


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Alausa scombrinaAlausa scombrina Valenciennes • Clupea longicepsClupea longiceps (Valenciennes • Sardinella neohowiiSardinella neohowii Valenciennes


Name Status: Accepted Name .

Last scrutiny: Data last modified by FishBase 17-Jul-1994

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Data Sources

Accessed through GBIF Data Portal March 01, 2008:



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