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Runcinia grammica


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Family Thomisidae

Crab spiders hold their legs outstretched to the sides, in the manner of their crustacean namesake, and can move forwards, sideways, or backward . They have short, broad bodies and 8 small eyes sometimes located on raised bumps . The second pair of legs is often much heavier and longer than the third and fourth pairs. Crab spiders do not build any sort of web, they prowl the ground and climb flowers and plants in search of prey . Many are masters of camouflage and simply await their prey on flowers, much like ambush bugs. [1]


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Misumena lateralis Pavesi • Runcinia lateralis Simon • Thomisus amoenus Blackwall • Thomisus cerinus C. L. Koch • Thomisus lateralis C. L. Koch • Xysticus grammicus C. L. Koch


Name Status: Accepted Name .

Last scrutiny: 05-Jan-2008

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