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Rhamdia quelen



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Occurs in littoral creeks, over sandy bottoms covered with dead leaves [1]. Prefers a muddy bottom covered with leaves and decaying wood , the latter providing for hiding places during the day (Ref. 35381). Feeds on fish and insects[1], benthic zooplankton and crustaceans[2]. Mainly nocturnal [3]. Possesses poisonous spiny rays. Its sex ratio is 2:1 in favor of females. The male's reproductive apparatus includes multi-lobed testicles and accessory organs for secretion and storage. Fertilization is external. Non-sticking demersal eggs (1.1 to 2.8 mm diameter) are laid down , hatching after about 48 hours at 22¦C. Ten days later, the larvae weigh approximately 100 mg but growth is slow (0.5 to 1.15 g per day).

Common Names

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Common Names in Creole, French:

Barbe La-Roche, Blablaroch, Poson Barb

Common Names in Creoles and Pidgins, French:

Bakadyaki, Barbe La-Roche, Blablaroch, Djaki, Kiki Dyaki, Kiki Yaki, Poson Barb

Common Names in Djuka:

Bakadyaki, Dyaki, Kiki Dyaki, Kiki Yaki

Common Names in English:

Catfish, Dyaki, Guatemalan Chul, Guatemalan chulín, Pale Catfish, Silver Catfish, South American Catfish

Common Names in Finnish:


Common Names in Galibi:


Common Names in German:

Guatemala Antennenwels, Guatemala-Antennenwels

Common Names in Mandarin Chinese:

克林雷氏鯰, 克林雷氏鲶, 危地馬拉雷氏鯰, 危地马拉雷氏鲶, 奥顿雷氏鲶, 奧頓雷氏鯰, 杜基雷氏鯰, 杜基雷氏鲶, 灰雷氏鯰, 灰雷氏鲶, 瓦氏雷氏鯰, 瓦氏雷氏鲶, 萨波雷氏鲶, 薩波雷氏鯰, 長鬚雷氏鯰, 长须雷氏鲶, 高背雷氏鯰, 高背雷氏鲶

Common Names in Oyampi:

Mani Ipiyun, Mani'ipiyoun

Common Names in Palicur:


Common Names in Portuguese:

Bagre, Bagre amarelo, Bagre da lagoa, Bagre de lagoa, Bagre guarié, Bagre morcego, Bagre Sapo, Bagre sapo das pedras, Barbudo, Jandia, Jandiaí, Jundi, Jundiá, Jundiá amarelo, Jundiá tinga, Mandi, Mandí bagre, Mandí chorão, Mandi guaru, Nhandiá, Sapipoca

Common Names in S. American Indian:

Létkë, Mani Ipiyun, Mani'ipiyoun, Yaki

Common Names in Saramaccan:


Common Names in Spanish:

Bagre, Bagre De Arroyo, Bagre Lagunero, Bagre Negro, Bagre Sapo, Barbudo, Capitanejo, Juil Descolorido, Jundia, Moncholo Lagunero, Ñurundiá

Common Names in Spanish, Castilian:

Bagre, bagre de arroyo, bagre lagunero, Bagre negro, bagre sapo, Barbudo, Capitanejo, Juil descolorido, jundia, moncholo lagunero


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Family Heptapteridae

Species of this family are found in South America.The family Heptapteridae belongs to the Class Actinopterygii (ray-finned fishes ) and the Order Siluriformes. It may be found in Freshwater environments and is primarily Primary freshwater. Etymology of this family name : Greek, hepta = seven + Greek, pteron = fin


Biome: Marine .


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Caecorhamdella urichi (Norman • Caecorhamdia urichi Norman • Heterobranchus sextentaculatus Spix & Agassiz • Pimelenotus vilsoni Gill • Pimelodus baronismuelleri Troschel • Pimelodus boucardi Regan • Pimelodus cinerascens Günther • Pimelodus cuyabae Steindachner • Pimelodus deppei Müller & Troschel • Pimelodus godmanni Günther • Pimelodus hilarii Valenciennes • Pimelodus micropterus Günther • Pimelodus musculus Müller & Troschel • Pimelodus namdia Cuvier • Pimelodus parahybae Steindachner • Pimelodus pentlandii Valenciennes • Pimelodus quelen Quoy & Gaimard • Pimelodus queleni cuprea Steindachner • Pimelodus sebae Cuvier • Pimelodus sellonis Müller & Troschel • Pimelodus stegelichii Müller & Troschel • Pimelodus wagneri Günther • Pimelodus wuchereri Günther • Rhamdia barbata Meek • Rhamdia baronismuelleri (Troschel • Rhamdia branneri Haseman • Rhamdia branneri voulezi Haseman • Rhamdia bransfordii Gill • Rhamdia cinerascens< /i> (Günther • Rhamdia depressa Barbour & Cole • Rhamdia gilli (Non Starks • Rhamdia godmani< /i> (Günther • Rhamdia guatemalensis decolor Hubbs • Rhamdia guatemalensis depressa Barbour & Cole • Rhamdia guatemalensis muriei Hubbs • Rhamdia guatemalensis oaxacae Meek • Rhamdia guatemalensis stygaea Hubbs • Rhamdia heteracantha Regan • Rhamdia heteracanthus Regan • Rhamdia hilarii (Valenciennes • Rhamdia lehmanni Dahl • Rhamdia micayi Eigenmann • Rhamdia microps Eigenmann • Rhamdia mounseyi Regan • Rhamdia nasuta Meek • Rhamdia oaxacae Meek • Rhamdia pentlandi (Valenciennes • Rhamdia pubescens Miranda-Ribeiro • Rhamdia quelen urichi (Norman • Rhamdia riojae Fowler • Rhamdia saijaensis Rendahl • Rhamdia sebae (Cuvier • Rhamdia sebae martyi Güntert • Rhamdia vilsoni (Gill • Rhamdia wagneri< /i> (Günther • Rhamdia wilsoni (Gill • Silurus quadrimaculatus Bloch • Silurus rivularis Larrañaga • Silurus sapipoca Natterer


Name Status: Accepted Name .

Last scrutiny: Data last modified by FishBase 07-Jan-1999

Similar Species

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Members of the genus Rhamdia

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Data Sources

Accessed through GBIF Data Portal March 05, 2008:



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