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Rhamdia quelen



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Occurs in littoral creeks , over sandy bottoms covered with dead leaves [1]. Prefers a muddy bottom covered with leaves and decaying wood , the latter providing for hiding places during the day (Ref. 35381). Feeds on fish and insects[1], benthic zooplankton and crustaceans[2]. Mainly nocturnal [3]. Possesses poisonous spiny rays. Its sex ratio is 2:1 in favor of females. The male's reproductive apparatus includes multi-lobed testicles and accessory organs for secretion and storage. Fertilization is external. Non-sticking demersal eggs (1.1 to 2.8 mm diameter) are laid down , hatching after about 48 hours at 22¦C. Ten days later, the larvae weigh approximately 100 mg but growth is slow (0.5 to 1.15 g per day).

Common Names

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Common Names in Creole, French:

Barbe La-Roche, Blablaroch, Poson Barb

Common Names in Creoles and Pidgins, French:

Bakadyaki, Barbe La-Roche, Blablaroch, Djaki, Kiki Dyaki, Kiki Yaki, Poson Barb

Common Names in Djuka:

Bakadyaki, Dyaki, Kiki Dyaki, Kiki Yaki

Common Names in English:

Catfish, Dyaki, Guatemalan Chul, Pale Catfish, Silver Catfish, South American Catfish

Common Names in Finnish:


Common Names in Galibi:


Common Names in German:


Common Names in Mandarin Chinese:

克林雷氏鯰, 克林雷氏鲶, 危地馬拉雷氏鯰, 危地马拉雷氏鲶, 奥顿雷氏鲶, 奧頓雷氏鯰, 杜基雷氏鯰, 杜基雷氏鲶, 灰雷氏鯰, 灰雷氏鲶, 瓦氏雷氏鯰, 瓦氏雷氏鲶, 萨波雷氏鲶, 薩波雷氏鯰, 長鬚雷氏鯰, 长须雷氏鲶, 高背雷氏鯰, 高背雷氏鲶

Common Names in Oyampi:

Mani Ipiyun, Mani'ipiyoun

Common Names in Palicur:


Common Names in Portuguese:

Bagre, Bagre Sapo, Barbudo, Jandia, Jundi

Common Names in S. American Indian:

Létkë, Mani Ipiyun, Mani'ipiyoun, Yaki

Common Names in Saramaccan:


Common Names in Spanish:

Bagre, Bagre De Arroyo, Bagre Lagunero, Bagre Negro, Bagre Sapo, Barbudo, Capitanejo, Juil Descolorido, Jundia, Moncholo Lagunero, Ñurundiá


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Family Heptapteridae

Species of this family are found in South America.The family Heptapteridae belongs to the Class Actinopterygii (ray-finned fishes ) and the Order Siluriformes. It may be found in Freshwater environments and is primarily Primary freshwater. Etymology of this family name : Greek, hepta = seven + Greek, pteron = fin


Biome: Marine .


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Caecorhamdella urichi (Norman • Caecorhamdia urichi Norman • Heterobranchus sextentaculatus Spix & Agassiz • Pimelenotus vilsoni Gill • Pimelodus baronismuelleri Troschel • Pimelodus boucardi Regan • Pimelodus cinerascens Günther • Pimelodus cuyabae Steindachner • Pimelodus deppei Müller & Troschel • Pimelodus godmanni Günther • Pimelodus hilarii Valenciennes • Pimelodus micropterus Günther • Pimelodus musculus Müller & Troschel • Pimelodus namdia Cuvier • Pimelodus parahybae Steindachner • Pimelodus pentlandii Valenciennes • Pimelodus quelen Quoy & Gaimard • Pimelodus queleni cuprea Steindachner • Pimelodus sebae Cuvier • Pimelodus sellonis Müller & Troschel • Pimelodus stegelichii Müller & Troschel • Pimelodus wagneri Günther • Pimelodus wuchereri Günther • Rhamdia barbata Meek • Rhamdia baronismuelleri (Troschel • Rhamdia branneri Haseman • Rhamdia branneri voulezi Haseman • Rhamdia bransfordii Gill • Rhamdia cinerascens< /i> (Günther • Rhamdia depressa Barbour & Cole • Rhamdia gilli (Non Starks • Rhamdia godmani< /i> (Günther • Rhamdia guatemalensis decolor Hubbs • Rhamdia guatemalensis depressa Barbour & Cole • Rhamdia guatemalensis muriei Hubbs • Rhamdia guatemalensis oaxacae Meek • Rhamdia guatemalensis stygaea Hubbs • Rhamdia heteracantha Regan • Rhamdia heteracanthus Regan • Rhamdia hilarii (Valenciennes • Rhamdia lehmanni Dahl • Rhamdia micayi Eigenmann • Rhamdia microps Eigenmann • Rhamdia mounseyi Regan • Rhamdia nasuta Meek • Rhamdia oaxacae Meek • Rhamdia pentlandi (Valenciennes • Rhamdia pubescens Miranda-Ribeiro • Rhamdia quelen urichi (Norman • Rhamdia riojae Fowler • Rhamdia saijaensis Rendahl • Rhamdia sebae (Cuvier • Rhamdia sebae martyi Güntert • Rhamdia vilsoni (Gill • Rhamdia wagneri< /i> (Günther • Rhamdia wilsoni (Gill • Silurus quadrimaculatus Bloch • Silurus rivularis Larrañaga • Silurus sapipoca Natterer


Name Status: Accepted Name .

Last scrutiny: Data last modified by FishBase 07-Jan-1999

Similar Species

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Members of the genus Rhamdia

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Data Sources

Accessed through GBIF Data Portal March 05, 2008:



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