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Polistes fuscatus fuscatus


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Members of the genus Polistes

ZipcodeZoo has pages for 15 species and subspecies in this genus:

P. annularis (Red Wasp) · P. apachus (Paper Wasp) · P. carolina (Paper Wasp) · P. dominula (European Paper Wasp) · P. dominulus (Paper Wasp) · P. exclamans (Common Paper Wasp) · P. fuscata (Paperwasp) · P. fuscatus (Common Paper Wasp) · P. fuscatus aurifer (Golden Paper Wasp) · P. fuscatus pallipes (Paper Wasp) · P. macaensis (Macao Paper Wasp) · P. metrica (Paper Wasp) · P. undescribed-a (Polistes Undescribed Species A) · P. undescribed-b (Polistes Undescribed Species B) · P. versicolor (Yellow Paper Wasp)

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Last Revised: 2014-05-08