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Plecoglossus altivelis altivelis



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9987 and 559). River forms live usually only one year whereas lake forms can live two or three years[2]. Reaches maturity at 30-40 cm[2]. Highly esteemed food fish . Marketed fresh and consumed fresh, fried and broiled[4].


Threat status

Common Names

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Common Names in Arabic:

ويأ نِّيل

Common Names in Chinese:


Common Names in Danish:


Common Names in English:

Ayu, Ayu Sweetfish, Ko ayu, Ko-Ayu, Ryukyu Ayu-Fish, Sweet fish, Sweet-Fish, Sweetfish

Common Names in Finnish:


Common Names in French:


Common Names in German:


Common Names in Japanese:

Ayu, Koayu, アユ

Common Names in Korean:

Ǔn ǒ, Un-O, 은어

Common Names in Mandarin Chinese:

Hai Tai Yú, Xiang Y

Common Names in Portuguese:

Peixe doce

Common Names in Russian:

Aiyu, Айю

Common Names in Spanish, Castilian:


Common Names in Swedish:



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Typically found at an altitude of 0 to 587 meters (0 to 1,926 feet).[5]

Biome: Marine .


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Plecoglossus altevalis (Temminck and Schlegel • Plecoglossus altivelis (Temminck and Schlegel • Salmo altivelis Temminck and Schlegel

Similar Species

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Members of the genus Plecoglossus

ZipcodeZoo has pages for 3 species and subspecies in this genus:

P. altivelis (Ryukyu Ayu-Fish) · P. altivelis altivelis (Ayu) · P. altivelis ryukyuensis (Ryukyu Ayu-Fish)

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Further Reading

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