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Papilio palinurus

(Emerald Swallowtail)


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Common Names

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Common Names in Chinese:


Common Names in English:

Emerald Swallowtail, Emerald Peacock, Green-Banded Peacock

Common Names in Finnish:


Common Names in French:

Machaon émeraude

Common Names in German:

Grüngestreifter Schwalbenschwanz

Common Names in Macedonian:

Смарагдна ластовичина опашка


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Family Papilionidae

'The Papilionidae belong to the Superfamily Papilionoidea, the true butterflies. Swallowtails are worldwide in distribution and comprise approximately 560 species. They are richest in the tropics, and their brilliant colors make them favorites of butterfly enthusiasts. Many swallowtail species, especially in the tropics, mimic other butterflies that are distasteful, while others are distasteful and cause birds and other vertebrate predators to regurgitate. Swallowtail adults are medium to large and may or may not have tails, while parnassian adults are medium, tailless, and have translucent wings . All adult parnassians and swallowtails have three pairs of walking legs , and adults of all species visit flowers for nectar.


Subfamily Papilioninae

Swallowtails are members of the Family Papilionidae. They comprise about 560 species, have a worldwide distribution, and are richest in the tropics. Many are brilliantly colored and are favorites of butterfly enthusiasts. Many species, especially those in the tropics, mimic other butterflies that are distasteful, while others are distasteful and cause birds and other vertebrate predators to regurgitate. Adults are medium to large, may or may not have tails, and have three pairs of walking legs . Adults of all species visit flowers for nectar. Males of most species patrol for mates, while males of one group (Black, Old World, Anise, and Indra Swallowtails) perch on hilltops or ridges instead of patrolling . Swallowtails lay globular eggs and overwinter as pupae. Some species spend more than one year in the pupal stage, likely to survive drought years when little caterpillar food is available. In arid areas, the Black, Anise, and Indra Swallowtails often display this strategy.


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Papilio palinurus auffenbergi Späth • Papilio palinurus var. nikagoras Fruhstorfer • Papilio palinurus var. nymphodorus Fruhstorfer • Papilio palinurus var. tubero Fruhstorfer


Name Status: Accepted Name .

Comment: ST

Last scrutiny: 31-Mar-2007

Similar Species

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Members of the genus Papilio

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