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Nothobranchius ugandensis

(Uganda nothobranch)


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Common Names

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Common Names in English:

Uganda nothobranch

Common Names in Finnish:

Siniviuhkapyrst, Siniviuhkapyrstö

Common Names in German:

Uganda Prachtkärpfling, Uganda-Prachtk, Uganda-Prachtkärpfling

Common Names in Mandarin Chinese:

乌干达假鳃鮰, 烏干達假鰓鮰

Common Names in Vietnamese:

Uganda nothobranch


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Ecology: Inhabits swamps , roadside and drainage ditches, pools and depressions downstream of culverts. It is always found in temporary water bodies that only contain water during the wet season and for a short period afterwards. The water is usually turbid to very turbid and usually lacks any aquatic vegetation (Wildekamp 1994). Max . size: 50 mm SL (Wildekamp 1994).[1].

List of Habitats :


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Bottom spawner , 4 months incubation [2].


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Nothobranchius ugandensis


Name Status: Accepted Name .

A record of Nothobranchius taeniopygus Hilgendorf, 1891 by Wourms (1965) refers to this species. Wildekamp (1994) attributes a population from seasonal pools of the lower Sio River near Busia to this species.[1].

Similar Species

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Members of the genus Nothobranchius

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Further Reading

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Data Sources

Accessed through GBIF Data Portal March 01, 2008:



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