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Mytilus californicus


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Family Mytilidae

Scars of the anterior and posterior adductor muscles decidedly unequal (the anterior scar is the smaller one, and may be scarcely noticeable); umbones generally, but not always, much nearer the anterior end than the middle , hinge plate without teeth and without a chondrophore ; usually attached to a hard substratum by a byssus of organic threads (includes some species that bore into rock or hard clay ).Mussels are members of the molluscan Class Bivalvia along with clams and scallops . Attaching to the substrate and each other with byssal threads , mussels often form dense beds that support rich epifaunal and infaunal invertebrate assemblages . Other groups commonly associating with mussels are porifera (sponges), cnidarians (including hydroids , corals , and anemones), annelids , crustaceans, bivalves , bryozoans , and echinoderms . Mussel larvae remain in the water column for several weeks. Mussels are suspension feeders , filtering plankton and other small particles from the water column. Mussels are preyed upon by sea stars, gastropods and crabs.


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Similar Species

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Members of the genus Mytilus

ZipcodeZoo has pages for 16 species and subspecies in this genus:

M. barbatus (Bearded Horse Mussel) · M. californianus (California Mussel) · M. californianus californianus (California Mussel) · M. canaliculus (New Zealand Mussel) · M. chilensis (Chilean Blue Mussel) · M. decussatus (Cross-Sculpture Crenella) · M. edulis (Blue Mussel) · M. edulis edulis (Blue Mussel) · M. galloprovincialis (Mediterranean Mussel) · M. galloprovincialis galloprovincialis (Mediterranean Mussel) · M. latus (New Zealand Mussel) · M. modiolus (Kurile Horsemussel) · M. perna (Brown Mussel) · M. platensis (Blue Mussel) · M. rodriguezi (Threadfin Longfin) · M. trossulus (Foolish Mussel)

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