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Myripristis archiepiscopus

(Straighthead soldierfish)

Common Names

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Common Names in Afrikaans:


Common Names in English:

bluntnosed soldierfish, Longsnout soldier, Straighthead soldierfish

Common Names in French:

Cardinal, Marignan cuirassé

Common Names in Japanese:


Common Names in Mandarin Chinese:

皮氏骨鰃, 皮氏骨鳂, 長吻骨鰃, 长吻骨鳂

Common Names in Portuguese:

Esquilo focinhudo


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Myripristes australisMyripristes australis Castelnau 1875 • Ostichthys archiepiscopusOstichthys archiepiscopus (Valenciennes, 1862)

Similar Species

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Members of the genus Myripristis

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M. adusta (Shadowfish Soldierfish) · M. adustus (Shadowfish Soldierfish) · M. amaena (Brick Soldierfish) · M. archiepiscopus (Straighthead Soldierfish) · M. aulacodes (Grey Soldierfish) · M. berndti (Bigscale Soldier) · M. botche (Toothed Crimson Squirrelfish) · M. chryseres (Golden-Finned Squirrelfish) · M. clarionensis (Candil Amarillo) · M. earlei (Earle's Soldierfish) · M. gildi (Clipperton Cardinal Soldierfish) · M. hexagona (Large-Scale Soldierfish) · M. jacobus (Big-Eyed Squirrelfish) · M. japonicus (Brocade Perch) · M. kaianus (Deepwater Soldier) · M. kuntee (Epaulet Soldierfish) · M. leiognathos (Pacific Soldierfish) · M. leiognathus (Panamic Soldierfish) · M. lima (Rough Scale Soldierfish) · M. melanophrys (Bigscale Soldier) · M. murdjan (Big-Eye Soldierfish) · M. phaeopus (Smoothcheeked Soldierfish) · M. pralinia (Smoothcheeked Soldierfish) · M. praslinus (Smoothcheeked Soldierfish) · M. seychellensis (Seychelles Soldier) · M. trachyacron (Roughskull Soldierfish) · M. trachypoma (Big-Eye Soldierfish) · M. violacea (Australian Squirrel-Fish) · M. violaceus (Small-Eyed Squirrelfish) · M. vittata (White-Tipped Soldierfish) · M. vittatus (White-Tipped Soldierfish) · M. woodsi (Whitespot Soldierfish) · M. xanthacra (Yellowtip Soldierfish)

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