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Merlangius merlangus

(European Whitefish)


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Common Names

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Common Names in Arabic:

Murluts, Nazalli, Peskadil'ia

Common Names in Bulgarian:


Common Names in Catalan:

Merl, Merlà

Common Names in Croatian:

Pi, Pišmolj, Ugotica velika

Common Names in Danish:

Hvilling, Slinger

Common Names in Dutch:

Koudgerookte vlinders, Wijting

Common Names in English:

English whiting, European Whitefish, European whiting, Golden cutlet, North River Shad, North Sea whiting, Spelding, Whiting

Common Names in Faroese:

Hv, Hvítingur

Common Names in Finnish:


Common Names in French:

Lécaud, Merlan, Merlu, Nasellu, Varlet

Common Names in Gaelic, Irish:

An Faoit, An faoitín

Common Names in German:

Merlan, Wittling

Common Names in Greek:

Bacaliaros, Bakaliaros, Tao, Taoúki, Νταούκι, Ταούκι

Common Names in Greek, Modern:

Bacaliaros, Bakaliaros, Taoúki, Ταούκι

Common Names in Greek, Modern (1453):

Bacaliaros, Bakaliaros, Taouki, Ταούκι

Common Names in Hebrew:


Common Names in Icelandic:

Lása, Lýsa

Common Names in Irish:

An faoitín

Common Names in Italian:

Arface, Filetti affumicati, Merlano, Molo, Molo de parangal, Morgano, Nasello atlantico, Orfacio, Pisci fica

Common Names in Mandarin Chinese:

牙鱈, 牙鳕, 齒鱈的異名, 齿鳕的异名

Common Names in Manx:

Finnag, Kelk

Common Names in Norwegian:


Common Names in Polish:

Witlinek, Witlinek czarnomorski

Common Names in Portuguese:

Badeho, Badejo, Badejo-do-Mar-Negro, Filete fumado

Common Names in Romanian:


Common Names in Rumanian:


Common Names in Russian:

Chernomorskiy merlang, Merlang, Merlanka

Common Names in Serbian:

Pismolj, Ugoti velika, Ugotica

Common Names in Slovene:


Common Names in Slovenian:


Common Names in Spanish:

Liba, Merl, Merlán, Plegonero

Common Names in Swedish:


Common Names in Turkish:

Bakalyaro, Bakalyaro balığı, Mezgit


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More commonly found from 30 to 100 m , mainly on mud and gravel bottoms , but also on sand and rock.

Typically found in water with a depth of 0 to -4,999 meters (0 to -16,401 feet).[1]

Biome: Marine .

Ecology: Eggs and juveniles are associated with jellyfish .


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Feeds on shrimps, crabs, mollusks, small fish, polychaetes and cephalopods .


Migrates to the open sea only after the first year of life.


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Gadus euxinus Nordmann • Gadus merlangusGadus merlangus euxinus Nordmann • Gadus merlangus Linnaeus • Gadus merlangus Linnaeus, 1758 • Gadus merlangus merlangus Linnaeus • Merlangius merlangiusMerlangius merlangius (Linnaeus • Merlangius merlangius (Linnaeus, 1758) • Merlangius merlangusMerlangius merlangus euxinus (Nordmann • Merlangius merlangus merlangus (Linnaeus • Merlangus linnei Malm • Merlangus merlangusMerlangus merlangus (Linnaeus, 1758) • Merlangus merlangus euxinus (Nordmann • Merlangus vulgaris Fleming • Odontogadus merlangus (Linnaeus • Odontogadus merlangus euxinus (Nordmann • Odontogadus merlangus merlangus (Linnaeus


Name Status: Accepted Name .

Last scrutiny: Data last modified by FishBase 12-Aug-1994

Similar Species

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Members of the genus Merlangius

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M. merlangus (European Whitefish) · M. merlangus merlangus (North Sea Whiting)

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Data Sources

Accessed through GBIF Data Portal November 17, 2007:



  1. Mean = -22.400 meters (-73.491 feet), Standard Deviation = 236.800 based on 2,401 observations. Ocean depth information for each observation from British Oceanographic Data Centre. [back]
Last Revised: 2014-05-14