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Labrisomus buttiferous

(Deal Fish)

Common Names

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Common Names in Danish:

Almindelig V

Common Names in English:

Deal Fish, Dealfish

Common Names in Faroese:


Common Names in French:


Common Names in German:

Bandfisch, Brandfisch, Strumpfbandfisch

Common Names in Greek:

Chartopsaro Atlantikou, Χαρτόψαρο Aτλαντικού

Common Names in Icelandic:


Common Names in Mandarin Chinese:


Common Names in Polish:

Wstegor Polarny

Common Names in Russian:

вогмер северный

Common Names in Spanish:

Cardenal Atl


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Similar Species

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Members of the genus Labrisomus

ZipcodeZoo has pages for 23 species and subspecies in this genus:

L. albigenys (Whitecheek Blenny) · L. albigonys (Olive Dottyback) · L. bucciferus (Puffcheek Blenny) · L. buccifeus (Karimunjawa Dottyback) · L. buttiferous (Deal Fish) · L. conditus (Masquerader Hairy Blenny) · L. cricota (Mock Blenny) · L. dendriticus (Bravo Clinid) · L. filamentosus (Quillfin Blenny) · L. gobio (Goggle-Eye Blenny) · L. guppyi (Mimic Blenny) · L. haitiensis (Longfin Blenny) · L. jenkinsi (Jenkins´ Blenny) · L. kalisherae (Downy Blenny) · L. multiporosus (Porehead Blenny) · L. nigricinctus (Spotcheek Blenny) · L. nuchipinnis (Molly Miller) · L. pectinifer (Wandering Cleaner Wrasse) · L. philippii (Chalapo Clinid) · L. socorroensis (Misspelled Blenny) · L. striatus (Green Blenny) · L. wigginsi (Baja Blenny) · L. xanti (Largemouth Blenny)

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