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Lepturacanthus savala

(Small headed ribbon fish)


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Family : Cutlassfishes ; Inhabits coastal waters and often comes near the surface at night. Feeds on a variety of small fishes and crustaceans (chiefly on prawns and species of Setippina , Anchoviella , Harpodon , Trichiurus etc. in Hooghly estuaries in India). Caught mainly with shore seines, bagnets and coastal bottom trawls in Asian countries. Marketed fresh and iced as well as dried salted.

Common Names

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Common Names in Arabic:

يلافاس ما

Common Names in Bengali:

Churi, চুরি

Common Names in Bengali, Bangla:


Common Names in Burmese:

Nga thanshe mingya, Nga-thanshe mingya

Common Names in Chinese:


Common Names in Danish:

Pigget H, Pigget hårhale

Common Names in Davawenyo:


Common Names in English:

Hair tail, Hairtail, Ribbon fish, Ribbonfish, Savalai hairtail, Savalani hairtail, Silver ribbon fish, Small head hairtail, Small headed hairtail, Small headed ribbon fish, Small headed ribbonfish, small-headed ribbonfish, Smallhead hairtail, Smallheaded ribbonfish, spiny hairtail

Common Names in French:

Poisson sabre cimeterre, Poisson-sabre cimeterre

Common Names in Gujarati:

Patti, પટટી 

Common Names in Japanese:

Toge tachi uo, Toge-tachi-uo

Common Names in Javanese:


Common Names in Kannada:

Pambole, ಪಂಬೋಲೆ 

Common Names in Konkani:


Common Names in Korean:

Sa ba ra gal ch'i, Sa-ba-ra-gal-ch'i

Common Names in Malay:

Jogor, Lajur, Langgai, Layor, Puchuk, Selayur, Timah, Timah-timah

Common Names in Malayalam:

Karuppusavala, Karupputhalayan, Thalayan, Vellasavala, Vellathalayan, Vellithalayan, കറുപ്പുതലയന്, കറുപ്പുസ്വാള, കറൂപ്പുപാന്വാട, കറൂപ്പ് തളാന്, തലയന്, വെളളത്തലയന്, വെളളപാന്വാട, വെളളിവളയന്, വെള്ളതലയന്, വെള്ളസവാള, വെള്ളിതലയന് 

Common Names in Mandarin Chinese:

Sha D, Sha dài yú, 沙带鱼, 沙帶魚

Common Names in Marathi:

Baia, Bala, Wagti, बाऐय, बाळा, वागती

Common Names in Marathi (Marāṭhī):

Baia, Bala, Wagti

Common Names in Polish:

Palasz sawala

Common Names in Portuguese:


Common Names in Sinhalese:

Savalai, Savaleya

Common Names in Spanish:

Pez sable savalai

Common Names in Spanish, Castilian:

Pez sable savalai

Common Names in Tagalog:

Balila, Espada, Langkoy, Laying

Common Names in Tamil:

Chavalai, Karthigaivalai, Mattachavalai, Olavalai, Savalai, ஓலவாளை, ஓலவாளை , கர்தீகவாளை , கார்த்திகை வாளை, சவாளை, சாவாளை, சாவாளை , மச்சவாளை, மட்டாசாவ்வாளை 

Common Names in Telugu:

Kothisavallu, Nadippussavallu, Peddasavallu, Savala, Yellasavallu, నడిప్పుస్సవళ్ళు , పెద్దసవాళ్ళు  , యెల్లసవాళ్ళు, సావల  

Common Names in Vietnamese:

Cá H? d?u h?p, Cá Hố đầu hẹp

Common Names in Visayan:



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Typically found at an altitude of 0 to 207 meters (0 to 679 feet).[1]


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Lepturacanthus savalaTrichiurus armatus Gray • Trichiurus roelandti Bleeker • Trichiurus savalaTrichiurus savala Cuvier • Trichiurus savala Cuvier, 1829


Name Status: Accepted Name .

Last scrutiny: Data last modified by FishBase 26-Feb-1994

Similar Species

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Members of the genus Lepturacanthus

ZipcodeZoo has pages for 2 species and subspecies in this genus:

L. pantului (Coromandal Ribbonfish) · L. savala (Small Headed Ribbon Fish)

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Data Sources

Accessed through GBIF Data Portal March 01, 2008:



  1. Mean = -1,189.500 meters (-3,902.559 feet), Standard Deviation = 1,994.080 based on 10 observations. Altitude information for each observation from British Oceanographic Data Centre. [back]
Last Revised: 2015-02-06