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Leptobarbus hoevenii

(Red Finned Cigar Shark)


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Family : Minnows or carps ; Found most often in freely flowing rivers and streams and seasonally on floodplains . Although reported to be non-migratory, it definitely does participate in local trophic migrations to and from inundated forests [1]. Swims in shoals and are only fished in the Mekong especially during upstream (Jan.-Feb.) and downstream migration (Jun.-Jul.). Eats parenchyma and seeds of chaulmoogra tree ( Hydnocarpus ) falling into the streams; reported to become intoxicated and behaves in a peculiar manner and is believed to be toxic . Northern Laotians refrain from eating this fish but those in the South do. Cambodians and Vietnamese prize it highly [2]. Eating flesh of the fish can cause nausea in humans [1].

Common Names

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Common Names in Arabic:

نفوُه سيب

Common Names in Chinese:

何氏細鬚魮, 何氏細鬚鲃

Common Names in Czech:

Amuřice Hoevenova, Parma Hoevenova, Parmička Hoevenova, Parmicka Ka, Parmička kaštanová, Parmicka kaštanová

Common Names in Danish:

Hovens Barbe, Maroonhaj

Common Names in English:

Barbus Barb, Golden Shad, Golden shark, Hoven's carp, Mad barb, Pa phong long, Pink tailed barb, Red Finned Cigar Shark, River carp, Sudan fish, Sultan fish

Common Names in Finnish:

Punapyrst, Punapyrstöbarbi, Siaminbarbi

Common Names in French:

Barbus d'Hoven

Common Names in German:

Rotschwanzbarbe, Siambarbe

Common Names in Khmer:

Chroleong, Pralung, Prolung, Pror loung, Trey Chr, Trey chrålang, Trey chrawlang, Trey knuoch, Trey Pr, Trey prâloung, Trey pralung, Trey prolung, Trey prorlung

Common Names in Lao:

Pa phong, Pa phong long, Pa pohng

Common Names in Laotian:

Pa phong, Pa phong long, Pa pohng

Common Names in Malay:

Ikan Jelawat, Jelawat

Common Names in Mandarin Chinese:

何氏細鬚魮(引進), 何氏细须魮(引进)

Common Names in Russian:


Common Names in Spanish:

Barbo De Graells, Barbo de Hoven

Common Names in Spanish, Castilian:

Barbo de Hoven

Common Names in Thai:

Ba, Pla ai ba, Pla ai baa, Pla ba, Pla baa, Pla hang deng, ปลาบ้า, ปลาอ้ายบ$, ปลาอ้ายบ้า

Common Names in Vietnamese:

Cá chài


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Barbus hoeveniiBarbus hoevenii Bleeker • Barbus hoevenii Bleeker, 1851 • Filirasbora rubripinna Fowler • Leptobarbus hoeneniiLeptobarbus hoenenii (Bleeker • Leptobarbus hoenenii (Bleeker, 1851) • Leptobarbus hoeveniLeptobarbus hoeveni (Bleeker • Leptobarbus hoeveni (Bleeker, 1851) • Leptobarbus hoeveniiLeptobarbus rubripinna (Fowler • Leptobarbus rubripinnus (Fowler


Name Status: Accepted Name .

Last scrutiny: Data last modified by FishBase 08-Aug-1994

Similar Species

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Members of the genus Leptobarbus

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L. hoeveni (Red Finned Cigar Shark) · L. hoevenii (Red Finned Cigar Shark)

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Data Sources

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