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Icterus graceannae

(White-edged Oriole)

Common Names

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Common Names in English:

White-edged Oriole, White edged Oriole

Common Names in Esperanto:

Blankaborda iktero

Common Names in French:

Oriole leucoptère

Common Names in German:


Common Names in Japanese:


Common Names in Swedish:

Vitbandad trupial


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Vegetation: tropical deciduous forests, gallery forests • Maximum Elevation: 800 meters • Zoogeographic Region: Manabi-Tumbes • Foraging Strata: Canopy • Center of Abundance: Lower tropical: lowlands, lower than 500 m.; tropics. • Sensitivity to Disturbance: Medium

Ecology: List of Habitats :


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Name Status: Accepted Name .

Last scrutiny: 11-Oct-2007

Similar Species

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Members of the genus Icterus

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I. abeillei (Black-Backed Oriole) · I. auratus (Orange Oriole) · I. auricapillus (Orange-Crowned Oriole) · I. bonana (Martinique Oriole) · I. bullockii (Bullock's Oriole) · I. bullockii bullockii (BullockÌs Oriole) · I. cayanensis (Epaulet Oriole) · I. cayanensis cayanensis (Epaulet Oriole (Epaulet)) · I. cayanensis chrysocephalus (Epaulet Oriole (Moriche)) · I. chrysater (Yellow-Backed Oriole) · I. chrysater chrysater (Yellow-Backed Oriole) · I. chrysater giraudii (Yellow-Backed Oriole) · I. chrysater hondae (Yellow-Backed Oriole) · I. chrysocephalus (Moriche Oriole) · I. croconotus (Orange-Backed Troupial) · I. croconotus croconotus (Orange-Backed Troupial) · I. croconotus strictifrons (Orange-Backed Troupial) · I. cucullatus (Hooded Oriole (Western)) · I. cucullatus cucullatus (Hooded Oriole (Eastern)) · I. cucullatus igneus (Hooded Oriole (Yucatan)) · I. cucullatus nelsoni (Hooded Oriole (Western)) · I. cucullatus sennetti (Hooded Oriole) · I. cucullatus trochiloides (Hooded Oriole) · I. dominicensis (Hispaniolan Oriole) · I. dominicensis dominicensis (Black-Cowled Oriole) · I. fuertesi (Ochre Oriole) · I. galbula (Baltimore Oriole) · I. galbula galbula (Black-Backed Oriole) · I. graceannae (White-Edged Oriole) · I. graduacauda (Audubon's Oriole) · I. graduacauda audubonii (Audubon's Oriole) · I. graduacauda dickeyae (Audubon's Oriole (Dickey's)) · I. graduacauda dickeyi (Audubon's Oriole) · I. graduacauda graduacauda (Audubon's Oriole (Audubon's)) · I. gularis (Altamira Oriole) · I. gularis gularis (Altamira Oriole) · I. gularis troglodytes (Altamira Oriole) · I. icterus (Venezuelan Troupial) · I. icterus croconotus (Orange Backed Troupial) · I. icterus jamacaii (Campo Troupial) · I. jamacaii (Campo Troupial) · I. laudabilis (St. Lucia Oriole) · I. laudabilis laudabilis (St. Lucia Oriole) · I. leucopteryx (Jamaican Oriole) · I. leucopteryx leucopteryx (Jamaican Oriole) · I. maculialatus (Bar-Winged Oriole) · I. melanopsis (Cuban Oriole) · I. mesomelas (Yellow-Tailed Oriole) · I. mesomelas carrikeri (Yellow-Tailed Oriole) · I. mesomelas mesomelas (Yellow-Tailed Oriole) · I. mesomelas taczanowskii (Yellow-Tailed Oriole) · I. nigrogularis (Yellow Oriole) · I. nigrogularis nigrogularis (Yellow Oriole) · I. northropi (Bahama Oriole) · I. oberi (Montserrat Oriole) · I. parisorum (Scott's Oriole) · I. pectoralis (Spot-Breasted Oriole) · I. pectoralis guttulatus (Spot-Breasted Oriole) · I. pectoralis pectoralis (Spot-Breasted Oriole) · I. portoricensis (Puerto Rican Oriole) · I. portoricensis portoricensis (Puerto Rican Oriole) · I. prosthemelas (Black-Cowled Oriole) · I. prosthemelas praecox (Black-Cowled Oriole) · I. pustulatus (Streak-Backed Oriole) · I. pustulatus graysonii (Streak-Backed Oriole (Tres Marias Is.)) · I. pustulatus microstictus (Streak-Backed Oriole) · I. pustulatus pustulatus (Streak-Backed Oriole) · I. pustulatus sclateri (Streak-Backed Oriole) · I. pyrrhopterus (Variable Oriole (Chestnut-Shouldered)) · I. pyrrhopterus pyrrhopterus (Variable Oriole) · I. pyrrhopterus tibialis (Variable Oriole (Yellow-Shouldered)) · I. spurius (Orchard Oriole) · I. spurius fuertesi (Orchard Oriole (Fuertes's)) · I. spurius none (Orchard Oriole) · I. spurius spurius (Orchard Oriole (Orchard)) · I. wagleri (Black-Vented Oriole) · I. wagleri wagleri (Black-Vented Oriole)

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