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Homopus boulengeri

(Boulenger's Cape Tortoise)

Common Names

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Common Names in Dutch:

Boulengers platte schildpad

Common Names in English:

Boulenger's Cape Tortoise, Donner-Weer Tortoise

Common Names in French:

Homopode de Boulenger


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Homopus boulengeri — Bour 1980 • Homopus boulengeri — Valverde 2005


Name Status: Accepted Name .

Comment: Holotype: BMNH 1947.1.23.4; formerly BMNH 1906.6.21. Named after George Albert Boulenger (1858 - 1937), herpetologist at the British Museum of Natural History, London.

Similar Species

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Members of the genus Homopus

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H. areolatus (Beaked Cape Tortoise) · H. bergeri (Berger's Cape Tortoise) · H. boulengeri (Boulenger's Cape Tortoise) · H. femoralis (Karroo Cape Tortoise) · H. signatus (Speckled Cape Tortoise) · H. solus (Berger's Cape Tortoise)

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