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Hololena curta


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Family Agelenidae

Funnel web weavers are small to medium sized spiders often found in grassy fields or living among leaf litter in forests . In many species, the second pair of spinnerets are twice the length of the first pair. They spin sheet webs of nonsticky silk with a characteristic funnel extending off to one side. The funnel is where the spider hides while awaiting prey . There is a 3-dimensional barrier web spun above the sheet web, and when a prey item falls through onto the sheet web, the spider quickly runs out and bites its victim, then drags it back to the funnel to feed . These sheet webs are nearly invisible unless covered with dewdrops on a cool morning, and the spider can move very quickly over the surface. It almost looks as if the spider is walking on air . [1]


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Agelena curta Mccook


Name Status: Accepted Name .

Last scrutiny: 05-Jan-2008

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