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Goniurosaurus lichtenfelderi

(Lichtenfelder's Gecko)

Common Names

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Common Names in Chinese:


Common Names in English:

Lichtenfelder's Gecko, Vietnamese Leopard Gecko

Common Names in German:

Chinesischer Tigergecko


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Eublepharis lichtenfelderi Mocquard 1897 • Goniurosaurus lichtenfelderi — BÖrner 1981 • Goniurosaurus lichtenfelderi — Seufer Et Al. 2005 • Goniurosaurus murphyi Orlov & Darevsky 1999


Name Status: Accepted Name .

Comment: Plate 22C in ZHAO & ADLER 1993. Goniurosaurus hainanensis has been synonymized with G. lichtenfelderi by SMITH 1935 but elevated again to full species status by GRISMER (2000). Goniurosaurus murphyi has been synonymized with G. lichtenfelderi by GRISMER (2000).

Similar Species

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Members of the genus Goniurosaurus

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G. araneus (Vietnamese Leopard Gecko) · G. catbaensis (Cat Ba Leopard Gecko) · G. kuroiwae (Kuroiwa's Ground Gecko) · G. kuroiwae kuroiwae (Tokashiki Gecko) · G. lichtenfelderi (Lichtenfelder's Gecko)

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