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Etheostoma microperca

(least darter)


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Common Names

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Common Names in Chinese:


Common Names in Danish:

Lille smutte

Common Names in English:

least darter

Common Names in German:


Common Names in Mandarin Chinese:

小鏢鱸, 小镖鲈


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Physical Description

Species Etheostoma microperca

Body: Mouth and snout: Mouth terminal, oblique , small teeth on jaws . No barbels . Body patterning, color, and scales : Back dark olive or brown with faint blotches. Sides mottled with 7-12 dark blotches. Belly cream. First dorsal mottled, often with dark band at margin ; second dorsal and caudal with several rows of spots or horizontal bands; other fins lightly pigmented . 32-38 ctenoid lateral scales. Body shape and size: Body fusiform to cylindrical and slightly elongated; slightly laterally compressed anteriorly; round to oval in cross section . Typically 25-35 mm (1-1.5 in) TL ; maximum about 45 mm (1.8 in).

Fins: Tail, dorsal and other fins: Rounded or square tail. Dorsal fin with 2 lobes , slightly separated, the first with 5-7 (usually 6) spines and the second with 9-10 rays. Pelvic fins thoracic . Adipse fin absent. Anal fin with 1 or 2 spines and 5-6 (usually 6) rays.

Distinguishing characteristics: The least darter can be distinguished by its combination of 38 or fewer lateral-line scales with only 0-7 pored, 5-6 anal rays, its lack of a modified scale between the pelvic fins, and its pigment/color pattern . See also similar species information.

Breeding adults : Males with enlarged pelvic fins, orange-red pelvic and anal fins, red spots on membranes of first dorsal fin, and small tubercles on pelvic and anal fins.

Juveniles : Similar to adults.


Males are commonly 3 cm (Total Length) in length when caught/marketed, but may be as large as 4 cm (Total Length).


Occurs in quiet, vegetated lakes , headwaters , creeks and small rivers . Usually found over mud and sand .

Biome: Marine .


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Etheostoma (Microperca) microperca Jordan & Gilbert 1887 • Etheostoma microperca Jordan & Gilbert, 1888


Name Status: Accepted Name .

Last scrutiny: Data last modified by FishBase 08-Jun-1994

Similar Species

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Fish Name Body Depth/SL Frenum Snout Stripe Anal Spines/Rays Dorsal Spines/Rays Lateral Scales Similarity Index Bluntnose Darter 14-18% Absent Continuous over snout 1/7-9 8-9/9-11, lobes separate 52-58,      Very similar Crystal Darter 11-13% Present Continuous over snout 1/15-16 14/14-16, lobes close 9-95, all pored Very similar Iowa Darter 14-18% Present Gap at tip of snout 2/7-9 8-12/10-12, lobes separate 55-65,      Very similar Johnny Darter 14-18% Absent Gap at tip of snout 1/7-9 7-9/11-14, lobes close 37-50, all pored Very similar Least Darter 16-20% Present Continuous or gap at tip 1-2/5-6 5-7/9-10, lobes close 32-38, 0-7 pored N/A Western Sand Darter 11-13% Absent Absent or gap at tip 1/9-12 10-12/9-12, lobes far apart 69-81, all pored Very similar

Members of the genus Etheostoma

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