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Chodsigoa caovansunga

(Van Sung's Shrew)

Common Names

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Common Names in Catalan, Valencian:

Musaranya de muntanya de Van Sung

Common Names in English:

Van Sung's Shrew, Van Sung s Shrew


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Biome: Terrestrial [1].

Ecology: There is little information available for this species. Specimens were collected in montane forests between 1,300 and 2,000 m asl. It is not known whether or not it can adapt to disturbed habitats . [1].

List of Habitats:


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Name Status: Accepted Name .

Last scrutiny: 28-Nov-2006

Lunde et al. (2003) distinguished C. caovansunga as a species separate from C. parca and C. parva. (Ref. 263183).

Similar Species

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Members of the genus Chodsigoa

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  1. Lunde, D. 2008. Chodsigoa caovansunga. In: IUCN 2011. IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Version 2011.2. <>. Downloaded on 31 January 2012. [back]
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