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Cercopithecus mitis kandti

(Golden Monkey)


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Threat status

Common Names

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Common Names in English:

Golden Monkey, Golden Guenon


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List of Habitats : 1.9 Forest - Subtropical/Tropical Moist Montane


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Groves (2005) considers Cercopithecus kandti a distinct species. [1].

Similar Species

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Members of the genus Cercopithecus

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C. aethiops (Green Monkey) · C. aethiops djamdjamensis (Bale Mountains Grivet) · C. albogularis (Blue Monkey) · C. ascanius (Red-Tailed Monkey) · C. ascanius ascanius (Black-Cheeked White-Nosed Monkey) · C. ascanius atrinasus (Black-Nosed Red-Tailed Monkey) · C. ascanius schmidti (Black-Cheeked White-Nosed Monkey) · C. campbelli (Campbell's Mona Monkey) · C. campbelli campbelli (Campbells Monkey) · C. campbelli lowei (Lowes Monkey) · C. cephus (Moustached Monkey;mustached Monkey) · C. cephus cephus (Red-Tailed Moustached Monkey) · C. cephus ngottoensis (White-Nosed Moustached Monkey) · C. denti (Dent's Monkey) · C. diana (Diana/roloway Monkey) · C. diana diana (Diana Monkey) · C. diana roloway (Roloway Monkey) · C. dryas (Dryas Monkey;dryas Guenon) · C. erythrogaster (Red-Bellied Monkey;red-Bellied Guenon) · C. erythrogaster erythrogaster (Red-Bellied Monkey) · C. erythrogaster pococki (Nigeria White-Throated Monkey) · C. erythrotis (Red-Eared Monkey;russet-Eared Guenon) · C. erythrotis camerunensis (Cameroon Red-Eared Monkey) · C. erythrotis erythrotis (Bioko Red-Eared Monkey) · C. hamlyni (Owl-Faced Monkey) · C. hamlyni hamlyni (Owl-Faced Guenon) · C. hamlyni kahuziensis (Kahuzi Owl-Faced Monkey) · C. lhoesti (Lhoests Monkey) · C. lhoesti lhoesti (L'hoest's Guenon) · C. mitis (Diademed Monkey;sykes' Monkey;blue Monkey) · C. mitis albogularis (Zanzibar Sykess Monkey) · C. mitis albotorquatus (Pousarguess White-Collared Monkey) · C. mitis boutourlinii (Boutourlinis Blue Monkey) · C. mitis doggetti (Doggetts Blue Monkey) · C. mitis erythrarchus (Stairs's White-Collared Monkey) · C. mitis francescae (Red-Eared Sykess Monkey) · C. mitis heymansi (Lomami River Blue Monkey) · C. mitis kandti (Golden Monkey) · C. mitis kolbi (Kolb's White-Collared Monkey) · C. mitis labiatus (Samango) · C. mitis mitis (Pluto Monkey) · C. mitis moloneyi (Moloney's White-Collared Monkey) · C. mitis monoides (Tanzania Sykes Monkey) · C. mitis opisthostictus (Rump-Spotted Blue Monkey) · C. mitis schoutedeni (Schoutedens Blue Monkey) · C. mitis stuhlmanni (Stuhlmanns Blue Monkey) · C. mitis zammaronoi (Zammaranos Monkey) · C. mona (Mona Monkey) · C. mona mona (Mona Monkey) · C. neglectus (De Brazzas Monkey) · C. nictitans (Putty-Nosed Monkey) · C. nictitans martini (Western Putty-Nosed Monkey) · C. nictitans nictitans (Eastern Putty-Nosed Monkey) · C. nictitans stampflii (Stampfli's Greater Spot-Nosed Guenon) · C. patas (Patas Monkey) · C. petaurista (Lesser White-Nosed Monkey;lesser White-Nosed Guenon) · C. petaurista buettikoferi (Western Lesser Spot-Nosed Monkey) · C. petaurista petaurista (Eastern Lesser Spot-Nosed Monkey) · C. pogonias (Crowned Monkey) · C. pogonias denti (Dents Monkey) · C. pogonias elegans (Lomami River Wolfs Monkey) · C. pogonias grayi (Grays Crowned Monkey) · C. pogonias nigripes (Black-Footed Crowned Monkey) · C. pogonias pogonias (Golden-Bellied Crowned Monkey) · C. pogonias wolfi (Congo Basin Wolfs Monkey) · C. preussi (Preusss Monkey) · C. preussi insularis (Bioko Preusss Monkey) · C. preussi preussi (Cameroon Preusss Monkey) · C. sclateri (White-Throated Guenon) · C. solatus (Sun-Tailed Monkey) · C. wolfi (Wolf's Monkey;wolf's Guenon)

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  1. Butynski, T.M. 2008. Cercopithecus mitis ssp. kandti. In: IUCN 2011. IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Version 2011.2. <>. Downloaded on 31 January 2012. [back]
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