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Ceratophrys stolzmanni

(Pacific horned frog)


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Threat status

Common Names

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Common Names in English:

Pacific horned frog


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Tropical Dry Forest .

Biome: Terrestrial [1].

Ecology: The habitat where some individuals have been collected can be described as tropical scrub , which is usually fairly open with a few trees , but remains green for about half the year. Other specimens have been collected in an open and sandy desert, with scattered , low, desert vegetation, and trees that are absent except in or near temporary streambeds (Peters 1967). It lives below ground when not breeding, but is an explosive breeder during good rains (with breeding taking place in water).[1].

List of Habitats:


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Name Status: Accepted Name .

First described: Steindachner,F. Sitzb. Akad. Wien, 84: 83, 1882.

Last scrutiny: 01-Sep-2009

Similar Species

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Members of the genus Ceratophrys

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  1. Ariadne Angulo, Luis A. Coloma, Santiago Ron, Diego Cisneros-Heredia 2004. Ceratophrys stolzmanni. In: IUCN 2011. IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Version 2011.2. <>. Downloaded on 31 January 2012. [back]
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