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Cantherhines macrocerus

(American whitespotted filefish)


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Family : Filefishes ; Inhabits coral reefs or rocky bottoms [1]. Found among gorgonians . Occurs in pairs[2]. Feeds mainly on sponges, gorgonians, and algae[3] but also eats hydroids and stinging coral[4].

Common Names

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Common Names in Creole, Portuguese:

Cabra, Cabrinha

Common Names in Creoles and Pidgins, French:

Cabra, Cabrinha

Common Names in Creoles and Pidgins, Portuguese:

Cabra, Cabrinha

Common Names in English:

American whitespotted filefish, chivo, Whitespoted Filefish, whitespotted filefish

Common Names in German:

Weißflecken Feilenfisch

Common Names in Mandarin Chinese:

白点前孔鲀, 白點前孔魨

Common Names in Portuguese:

Cabra, Cabrinha, Peixe porco, Peixe-porco, Porco pintado, Porco-pintado

Common Names in Spanish:

Cach, Cachúa lija, chivo, Lija de lunares blancos

Common Names in Spanish, Castilian:

Cachúa lija, Chivo, Lija de lunares blancos


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May be found at depths of 3 to 25 meters. Usually found at depths of 3 to 20 meters.

Biome: Marine .


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Cantherhines macrocerosCantherhines macroceros (Hollard • Cantherhines macroceros (Hollard, 1853) • Cantherhines macrocerusCantherhines macrocerus (Hollard in Guichenot, 1853) • Cantherines macrocerusCantherines macrocerus (Hollard • Cantherines macrocerus (Hollard, 1853) • Cantherines macrocerus (Hollard, 1854) • Monacanthus macrocerusMonacanthus macrocerus Hollard • Monacanthus macrocerus Hollard, 1853


Name Status: Accepted Name .

Comment: Year from Eschmeyer[5].

Last scrutiny: Data last modified by FishBase 06-Dec-1999

Similar Species

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Data Sources

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