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Caiman yacare

(Panama Caiman)


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Common Names

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Common Names in Breton:

Kaiman yakare

Common Names in Bulgarian:

Кайман якаре

Common Names in Chinese:


Common Names in Dutch:


Common Names in English:

Panama Caiman, Yacar?, Paraguayan Caiman, Piranha Caiman, Red Caiman, Southern Spectacled Caiman, Yacaré, Yacare Caiman

Common Names in Finnish:


Common Names in French:


Common Names in German:

Brillenkaiman, Sudlicher Brillenkaiman

Common Names in Hebrew (modern):

קיימן ז'קרה

Common Names in Hungarian:

Yacare kajmán

Common Names in Lithuanian:


Common Names in Macedonian:

Јакарски кајман

Common Names in Polish:

Kajman żakare

Common Names in Portuguese:

Jacaré do pantanal

Common Names in Russian:

Парагвайский кайман


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Found in a variety of habitat types , similar to Caiman crocodilus - wetlands, rivers and lakes . Often associated with floating mats of vegetation. Has the southernmost distribution of all caimans.

Ecology: The yacaré caiman is found in southern Brazil and Bolivia, southwards through the Paraguay/Paraná River systems and into northern Argentina. Morphologically and ecologically this species is very similar to the common caiman, and similarly can be found in a wide spectrum of habitat types . Most of the ecological studies on this species have been carried out in the Pantanal region of southern Brazil (Crawshaw and Schaller 1980, Schaller and Crawshaw 1982, Cintra 1986). More recent studies also include Bolivia (Pacheco 1993a, Godshalk 1994). Nesting habitats were monitored during the incubation and hatching period (Borges and Filho 1993), and the effect of water level on hatchlings survivorship have also been evaluated (Continho 1993). Aerial surveys of caiman nests have been started in the Pantanal (Mourao et al. 1994).


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Aquatic invertebrates (particularly snails) and vertebrates such as fish with the occasional snake .


Yacaré caiman are mound nesters , with egg-laying usually peaking in the middle wet season . Clutch size is typically in the 25 35 range . The natural tendency of females to guard their nests is apparently influenced by human hunting pressure (Crawshaw 1987), which results in decreased nest attendance and a lower hatching success.


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Alligator punctulatus DumÉril & Bibron 1836: 91 • Alligator punctulatus — GÜnther 1885: 21 • Caiman crocodilus matogrossiensis FUCHS 1974< /i> (Fide Medem 1983) • Caiman crocodilus matogrossoiensis FUCHS 1971< /i> (Nomen Nudum Fide Wermuth & Mertens 1977) • Caiman crocodilus paraguaiensis FUCHS 1974< /i> (Fide Medem 1983) • Caiman crocodilus paraguayiensis FUCHS 1971< /i> (Nomen Nudum Fide Wermuth & Mertens 1977) • Caiman crocodilus yacare (Daudin • Caiman crocodilus yacare MÜller & Hellmich 1936 • Caiman crocodilus yacare — Martin 2008 • Caiman sclerops BOULENGER 1889< /i> (Partim) • Caiman yacare - Cei 1993 • Caiman yacare — Nickel & Auliya 2004 • Caiman yacare — Schmidt 1928 • Champsa vallifrons Natterer 1840 • Crocodilus yacare Daudin 1802: 407 • Jacare longiscutata Gray 1862 • Jacare multiscutata Gray 1867 • Jacare ocellata Gray 1862 • Jacaretinga crocodilus yacare Werner 1933 • Jacaretinga punctulatus Spix 1825


Name Status: Accepted Name .

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