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Bitis parviocula

(Ethiopian Mountain Adder, Ethiopia Viper)

Common Names

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Common Names in English:

Ethiopia Viper, Ethiopian Mountain Adder, Ethiopian Mountain Adder, Ethiopia Viper

Common Names in German:

Äthiopische Puffotter


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Bitis parviocula — Mcdiarmid • Bitis parviocula — Welch 1994: 29 • Bitis< /i> (Macrocerastes) Parviocula — Lenk Et Al. 1999 (Tentatively) • Campbell & TourÉ 1999: 365


Name Status: Accepted Name .

Comment: Venomous!

Similar Species

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Members of the genus Bitis

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B. arietans (Puff Adder) · B. arietans arietans (African Puff Adder) · B. atropos (Berg Adder) · B. atropos atropos (Mountain Adder) · B. caudalis (Horned Adder) · B. cornuta (Many-Horned Adder) · B. rubida (Many-Horned Adder) · B. gabonica (Gaboon Viper) · B. gabonica gabonica (Gaboon Viper) · B. heraldica (Angolan Adder; Bocage's Horned Adder (After Frank & Ramus 1995).) · B. inornata (Plain Mountain Adder) · B. nasicornis (Rhinoceros Viper) · B. parviocula (Ethiopian Mountain Adder) · B. peringueyi (Dwarf Puff Adder) · B. rubida (Red Adder) · B. schneideri (Namaqua Dwarf Adder) · B. worthingtoni (Kenya Horned Viper) · B. xeropaga (Desert Mountain Adder)

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