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Bagrus bajad

(Black Nile catfish)


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Ref. 51645). An important food fish . Flesh is good eating and of economic importance[11], commonly sold as food[12]. Reputed to reach 100,000 g.

Common Names

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Common Names in Arabic:

Ab Chanap, Abou´chanap, Abou'chanap, Bagar, Bayad, Umm salim, سمكة البياض

Common Names in Bambara:


Common Names in Bata:

Bawe, Wawe

Common Names in Dama:

bobo, Njoka, Nzarou

Common Names in Dinka:

Adwar, Agir, Alau

Common Names in Dinka, North:

Adwar, Agir, Alau

Common Names in Dinka, Northeastern:

Adwar, Agir, Alau

Common Names in El Molo:


Common Names in English:

Bayad, Black Nile catfish, Forskals catfish, Lam, Silver catfish

Common Names in Ewe:

Avedzeame, Yalefo

Common Names in Finnish:


Common Names in Fula:

Safdu raneeru

Common Names in Fulfulde, Pulaar:

Safdu raneeru

Common Names in Gã:


Common Names in Gã:


Common Names in German:

Bajad Stachelwels, Bajad-Stachelwels

Common Names in Hausa:

Dinko, Doya, Doza, Ragon ruwa, Shambami

Common Names in Ijo:

Enyi aboro, Itobo

Common Names in Irish:


Common Names in Jula:

Samugw?, Samugwɛ

Common Names in Kabalai:


Common Names in Kanuri:


Common Names in Kim:

Da, Daï, de, Deïng

Common Names in Kotoko:

Alu, Alué, Débémuthlui, Mésigélé, Woulo S, Woulo ségayo

Common Names in Luo:


Common Names in Luo (Kenya and Tanzania):


Common Names in Mambai:


Common Names in Mandarin Chinese:

鱨, 鲿

Common Names in Mòoré:


Common Names in Mooré:


Common Names in Nuer:


Common Names in Nupe:


Common Names in Other:

Bandjaho, Baw, Bawé, Daninga, Dushko, Dwa, Hishinga, Lanya, Lazeou, Lazio, Lorogo, Malou, Melagenna, Musisi, Ndarka, Nderka, Oreko, Samon kho, Samon khohon, Samon kwo, Samon ntomo, Sihin sou, Simbal, Sisu, Sonu, Zondo

Common Names in Portuguese:


Common Names in Pulaar:


Common Names in Soninke:


Common Names in Turkana:

Lisi, Lorok, Lorongo

Common Names in Vietnamese:


Common Names in Wolof:

Bédy, Wallouce, Walouss

Common Names in Yoruba:


Common Names in Zande:



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Typically found in a lake at a mean distance from sea level of 343.21 meters (1,126.02 feet).[13]

Ecology: This is a demersal species found in lakes , swamps and rivers in water less than 12 m deep. Preys on small fish, but also on insects, crustacea, molluscs , vegetable matter and detritus . It spends nearly the whole of the daylight hours in crevices of rocks and is therefore seldom seen. Lives and feeds on or near the bottom . Adults are piscivorous , particularly Alestes spp, and also feed on insects, crustaceans, molluscs and vegetable matter. There is some indication that the species comes to shallower water to breed . Spawning season extends from April to July. Parents build and guard the nest , which is like a flat disc with a central hole where the eggs area. Males live up to 7 years old, females 8 years. Reputed to reach 100,000 g. (Ref. 256725).

List of Habitats :


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Bagrus bajadBagrus bajad< /i> (Forsskål • Bagrus bayadBagrus bayad (Forsskål • Bagrus bayad (Forsskål, 1775) • Bagrus bayad (non Forsskål, 1775) • Bagrus bayad bayad (Forsskål • Bagrus bayad macropterus Pfaff • Bagrus bayad< /i> (Forsskål • Bagrus bayad< /i> (Non Forsskål • Bagrus bayed macropterus Pfaff • Porcus bajad (Forsskål • Porcus bayad (Forsskål • Porcus docmac bayadPorcus docmac bayad (Forsskål • Silurus bajadSilurus bajad Forssk ål • Silurus bajad Forsskål • Silurus bajad Forsskål, 1775 • Silurus bayadSilurus bayad Forsskål


Name Status: Accepted Name .

Last scrutiny: Data last modified by FishBase 05-Aug-1994

Similar Species

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Data Sources

Accessed through GBIF Data Portal March 01, 2008:



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