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Aplocheilus dayi

(Day´s Panchax)


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Family : Killifishes ; Usually inhabits shallow, heavily shaded forest streams with a silt substrate. Also occurs in brackish mangrove swamps, often together with Aplocheilus parvus . Feeds on small insects, insect larvae and fish fry. Cultivated as a larvicidal fish[1]. 10 cm max TL [2].Not a seasonal killifish. Is easy to maintain in the aquarium [3].

Common Names

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Common Names in Chinese:


Common Names in Danish:

Ceylon killi, Ceylon-killi

Common Names in English:

ceylon killifish, Ceylon panchax, Day´s Panchax, Day's Killi Fish, Day's killifish, Day's panchax, Powderblue panchax, Striped topminnow

Common Names in Finnish:

Kultasukkulakala, Vihervaanija

Common Names in German:

Gr, Grüner Streifenhechtling, Werners Streifenhechtling

Common Names in Mandarin Chinese:

条纹鰕鮰, 條紋鰕鮰

Common Names in Sinhalese:

Uda handeya

Common Names in Swedish:



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Biome: Marine .


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Aplocheilus dayiAplocheilus dayi dayi (Steindachner • Aplocheilus dayi werneri (Non Meinken • Aplocheilus homalonotusHaplochilus dayiHaplochilus dayi Steindachner • Haplochilus dayi Steindachner, 1892 • Panchax lineatus (Non Valenciennes • Panchax lineatus dayi (Steindachner


Name Status: Accepted Name .

First described: Steindachner, Franz Ueber die typischen Exemplare von Lacerta mosorensis Kolomb. (1886) (=Lacerta koritana Tom ., 1889). Annalen des K . K. historischen Hofmuseums 8: 235-240, 1892.

Last scrutiny: Data last modified by FishBase 28-Sep-1994

Similar Species

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Members of the genus Aplocheilus

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Data Sources

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