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Aneides aeneus

(clouded salamander)


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Common Names

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Common Names in English:

clouded salamander, green salamander

Common Names in Hungarian:

√Črces szalamandra


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Physical Description

Species Aneides aeneus

The Green Salamander is a small to medium salamander reaching lengths around 3-5 inches. This small flattened salamander is dark in color with green or yellow lichen-like markings on back. The toes webbed and squared at the tips .


Found in scattered mountain locations from West Virginia to Georgia, Green Salamanders hide in moist narrow crevices in rock outcrops, especially in the winter, but are also occasionally found in trees . They are found in narrow crevices on damp rock faces . Their bodies are adapted for this environment because of the flattened head and body. Can also be found under stones , logs or loose bark .

They range from extreme northeastern Mississippi through northern Alabama and up through Tennessee, eastern Kentucky and most of West Virginia.

Ecology: This species can be found in damp (but not wet) crevices in shaded rock outcrops and ledges, or beneath loose bark and in cracks of standing or fallen trees (in cove hardwoods , for example). It can sometimes also be found in or under logs on the ground . It sometimes reaches high population densities in logged areas where the tree canopies are left. Eggs are laid in rock crevices, rotting stumps , or similar dark, damp places.[1].

List of Habitats :


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Female Green Salamanders lay 10 to 26 eggs in the walls of rock crevices in early summer. The female remains with the eggs until they hatch about three months later. Green Salamanders lack an aquatic larval stage, young emerging from eggs look like miniature adults .


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Anaides Ferreus • Anaides ferreus Cope • Anaides ferreus Cope, 1869 • Aneides ferreusAneides ferreus Cope • Aneides ferreus Cope, 1869 • Plethodon aeneus Cope and Packard


Name Status: Accepted Name .

First described: Cope, E. D., and A. S. Packard, Jr. The Fauna of the Nickajack Cave The American Naturalist, vol. 15, no. 11, 1881.

Last scrutiny: 01-Sep-2009

Similar Species

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