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Agrotis melanoneura

(Black-Veined Agrotis Noctuid Moth)


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Threat status

Common Names

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Common Names in English:

Black-Veined Agrotis Noctuid Moth, Black Veined Agrotis Noctuid Moth


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Family Noctuidae

'The Noctuids are members of the Superfamily Noctuoidea. Worldwide in distribution, this family is the largest in the Lepidoptera and has approximately 20,000 species. About 2,900 of these are found in North America, and there is wide variation in appearance and behavior. Most moths are gray to brown in color and have line or spots on their wings . Some species are brightly colored . They are small to large in size, and most species are medium-sized with wingspans 2 - 4.5 cm. When at rest, adults of most species hold their wings above their bodies like a roof. Noctuids are typically nocturnal , though some species are diurnal . Most larvae feed on plant foliage , dead leaves, lichens, and fungi; many are serious forest pests. Some species are leaf miners, others are stem- or leaf-borers, and still others feed at night on plant shoots. Noctuid moths pupate in cells in soil, in plant cavities, or in silk cocoons .



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Name Status: Accepted Name .

Similar Species

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Members of the genus Agrotis

ZipcodeZoo has pages for 52 species and subspecies in this genus:

A. aeneipennis (Agrotis Aeneipennis) · A. annexa (Agrotis Annexa) · A. apicalis (Agrotis Apicalis) · A. arenarius (Agrotis Arenarius) · A. augur (Soothsayer Dart Moth) · A. bigramma (Great Dart) · A. brunnea (Purple Clay) · A. buchholzi (Buchholz's Dart Moth) · A. bucholzia (Agrotis Bucholzia) · A. candelarum (Ashworth's Rustic) · A. cinerea (Light Feathered Rustic) · A. clavis (Heart and Club) · A. cremata (Cremata Agrotis Noctuid Moth) · A. crinigera (Larger Hawaiian Cutworm) · A. daedalus (Agrotis Daedalus) · A. dislocata (Smaller Hawaiian Cutworm) · A. dollii (Agrotis Dollii) · A. exclamationis (Heart and Dart Moth) · A. fasciata (Midway Agrotis Noctuid Moth) · A. gladiaria (Swordsman Dart) · A. gravis (Agrotis Gravis) · A. infusa (Bogong Moth) · A. ipsilon (Black Cutworm) · A. ipsilon aneituma (Black Cutworm) · A. kerri (Kerr's Agrotis Noctuid Moth) · A. laysanensis (Miller Moth) · A. malefida (Rascal Dart) · A. melanoneura (Black-Veined Agrotis Noctuid Moth) · A. microreas (Microreas Agrotis Noctuid Moth) · A. musa (Agrotis Musa) · A. obliqua (Agrotis Obliqua) · A. obscura (Stout Dart) · A. orthogonia (Pale Western Cutworm) · A. panoplias (Kona Agrotis Noctuid Moth) · A. photophila (Photophila Agrotis Noctuid Moth) · A. porphyricollis (Variable Cutworm) · A. procellaris (Procellaris Agrotis Noctuid Moth) · A. puta (Stuttle-Shaped Dart) · A. ripae (Sand Dart) · A. robustior (Agrotis Robustior) · A. ruta (Agrotis Ruta) · A. segetis (Common Dart Moth) · A. segetum (Common Dart Moth) · A. stigmosa (Agrotis Stigmosa) · A. subterranea (Granulate Cutworm) · A. tephrias (Kauai Agrotis Noctuid Moth) · A. trux (Crescent Dart) · A. vancouverensis (Agrotis Vancouverensis) · A. venerabilis (Venerable Dart) · A. vestigialis (Archer's Dart) · A. vetusta (Old Man Dart) · A. volubilis (Voluble Dart)

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