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Agrilus planipennis

(Emerald Ash Borer)


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Common Names

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Common Names in English:

Emerald Ash Borer


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Similar Species

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Members of the genus Agrilus

ZipcodeZoo has pages for 25 species and subspecies in this genus:

A. acutipennis (Spotworm Borer) · A. angustulus (Oak Borer) · A. anxius (Bronze Birch Borer) · A. arcuatus (Hickory Spiral Borer) · A. aurichalceus (Rose Stem Girdler) · A. bentseni (Bentsen Bup) · A. biguttatus (Oak Splendour Beetle) · A. bilineatus (Twolined Chestnut Borer) · A. crataegi (Hawthorn Agrilus) · A. cyanescens (Metalic Wood-Boring Beetle) · A. fuscipennis (Persimmon Agrilus) · A. granulatus (Granulate Poplar Borer) · A. horni (Aspen Root Girdler) · A. hyperici (St. John's Wort Beetle) · A. liragus (Bronze Poplar Borer) · A. obsoletoguttatus (Metalic Wood-Boring Beetle) · A. olivicolor (Metalic Wood-Boring Beetle) · A. otiosus (Hickory Agrilus) · A. planipennis (Emerald Ash Borer) · A. politus (Willow Gall Limb Borer) · A. populneus (Metalic Wood-Boring Beetle) · A. prionurus (Soapberry Borer) · A. ruficollis (Rednecked Cane Borer) · A. viridis (Beech Splendour Beetle) · A. vittaticollis (Metalic Wood-Boring Beetle)

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