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Accipiter ventralis

(Plain-breasted Hawk)


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Common Names

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Common Names in English:

Plain-breasted Hawk, Plain breasted Hawk

Common Names in French:

Épervier à gorge rayée

Common Names in Spanish:

Gavilán de pecho liso


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Accipiter ventralis Sclater, 1866


Name Status: Accepted Name .

Last scrutiny: 17-Oct-2001

Similar Species

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Members of the genus Accipiter

ZipcodeZoo has pages for 115 species and subspecies in this genus. Here are just 100 of them:

A. albogularis (Pied Goshawk) · A. albogularis albogularis (Pied Goshawk) · A. albogularis woodfordi (Pied Goshawk) · A. badius (Shikra) · A. badius badius (Little Banded Goshawk) · A. badius cenchroides (Shikra) · A. badius dussumieri (Shikra) · A. badius poliopsis (Shikra) · A. bicolor (Bicolored Hawk) · A. bicolor bicolor (Bicolored Hawk (Bicolored)) · A. bicolor chilensis (Bicolored Hawk (Chilean)) · A. bicolor guttifer (Bicolored Hawk) · A. bicolor pileatus (Bicolored Hawk (Spotted)) · A. brachyurus (New Britain Sparrowhawk) · A. brevipes (Levant Sparrowhawk) · A. buergersi (Chestnut-Shouldered Goshawk) · A. butleri (Nicobar Sparrowhawk) · A. butleri butleri (Nicobar Sparrowhawk) · A. castanilius (Chestnut-Flanked Sparrowhawk) · A. chilensis (Chilean Hawk) · A. chionogaster (White-Breasted Hawk) · A. cirrhocephalus (Australian Collared Sparrow Hawk) · A. cirrhocephalus cirrhocephalus (Australian Collared Sparrow Hawk) · A. cirrocephalus (Collared Sparrowhawk) · A. cirrocephalus cirrocephalus (Australian Collared Sparrow Hawk) · A. collaris (Semicollared Hawk) · A. cooperi (Big Blue Darter) · A. cooperii (Cooper's Hawk) · A. erythrauchen (Rufous-Necked Sparrowhawk) · A. erythrauchen ceramensis (Rufous-Necked Sparrowhawk) · A. erythronemius (Rufous-Thighed Hawk) · A. erythronemius erythronemius (Rufous-Thighed Hawk) · A. erythropus (Red-Thighed Sparrowhawk) · A. erythropus erythropus (Red-Thighed Sparrow Hawk) · A. fasciatus (Brown Goshawk) · A. fasciatus fasciatus (Brown Goshawk) · A. fasciatus hellmayri (Brown Goshawk) · A. fasciatus natalis (Christmas Island Nighthawk) · A. francesiae (Frances's Sparrowhawk) · A. francesiae francesiae (Frances's Sparrowhawk) · A. francesiae pusillus (Anjouan Sparrowhawk) · A. francesii (Anjouan Island Sparrow Hawk) · A. francesii francesii (Frances's Sparrowhawk) · A. francesii pusillus (Anjouan Island Sparrow Hawk) · A. gentilis (Northern Goshawk) · A. gentilis apache (Apache Northern Goshawk) · A. gentilis arrigonii (Goshawk (Corsican Sardinian Subspecies)) · A. gentilis atricapillus (Northern Goshawk (American)) · A. gentilis gallinarum (Northern Goshawk) · A. gentilis gentilis (Northern Goshawk) · A. gentilis laingi (Northern Goshawk) · A. griseiceps (Sulawesi Goshawk) · A. gularis (Japanese Sparrowhawk) · A. gularis gularis (Japanese Lesser Sparrow Hawk) · A. gundlachi (Gundlach's Hawk) · A. gundlachii (Gundlach's Hawk) · A. gundlachi gundlachi (Gundlach's Hawk) · A. haplochrous (White-Bellied Goshawk) · A. henicogrammus (Moluccan Goshawk) · A. henstii (Henst's Goshawk) · A. hiogaster albiventris (Variable Goshawk) · A. hiogaster polionotus (Variable Goshawk) · A. hiogaster sylvestris (Variable Goshawk) · A. imitator (Imitator Sparrowhawk) · A. luteoschistaceus (Slaty-Mantled Goshawk) · A. madagascariensis (Madagascar Sparrowhawk) · A. melanochlamys (Black-Mantled Goshawk) · A. melanoleucus (Black Sparrowhawk) · A. melanoleucus melanoleucus (Black Sparrowhawk) · A. meyerianus (Meyer's Goshawk) · A. minullus (Little Sparrowhawk) · A. minullus minullus (Little Sparrowhawk) · A. nanus (Small Sparrowhawk) · A. nisus (Eurasian Sparrowhawk) · A. nisus dementjevi (Eurasian Sparrowhawk) · A. nisus granti (Eurasian Sparrowhawk) · A. nisus nisus (Eurasian Sparrowhawk) · A. novaehollandiae (Grey Goshawk) · A. novaehollandiae novaehollandiae (Grey Goshawk) · A. ovampensis (Ovampo Sparrowhawk) · A. poliocephalus (Gray-Headed Goshawk) · A. poliogaster (Grey-Bellied Hawk) · A. princeps (New Britain Goshawk) · A. radiatus (Doria's Goshawk) · A. rhodogaster (Vinous-Breasted Sparrowhawk) · A. rhodogaster rhodogaster (Vinous-Breasted Sparrow Hawk) · A. rufitorques (Fiji Goshawk) · A. rufiventris (Rufous-Breasted Sparrowhawk) · A. rufiventris rufiventris (Rufous-Breasted Sparrow Hawk) · A. soloensis (Chinese Sparrowhawk) · A. striatus (Sharp-Shinned Hawk (Caribbean)) · A. striatus chionogaster (Sharp-Shinned Hawk (White-Breasted)) · A. striatus erythronemius (Sharp-Shinned Hawk (Rufous-Thighed)) · A. striatus perobscurus (Sharp-Shinned Hawk) · A. striatus striatus (Sharp-Shinned Hawk) · A. striatus suttoni (Sharp-Shinned Hawk) · A. striatus velox (Sharp-Shinned Hawk) · A. striatus venator (Puerto Rican Sharp Shinned Hawk) · A. striatus ventralis (Sharp-Shinned Hawk (Plain-Breasted)) · A. superciliosus (Tiny Hawk)

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